Kai Lun Qu

Color and Medium Materials

Many artists who work in oil have different mediums and colors that they prefer. This is a view of what works for me and what I use during my painting endeavors. This isnt a strict palette since I do change and add some new colors to try out for studies and projects but for the most part, this is my standard palette.

1. Gamblin Titanium White

2. Georgian Naples Yellow

3. Gamblin Cadmium Yellow Medium

4. Gamblin Yellow Ochre

5. Gamblin Cadmium Orange

6. Gamblin Cadmium Red Medium

7. Gamblin Alizarin Crimson

8. Gamblin Ultramarine Blue

9. Georgian Cobalt Blue

10. Gamblin Viridian

11. Gamblin Burnt Sienna

12. Gamblin Ivory Black

13. Gamblin Turquoise

14. Gamblin Cobalt Violet


For Mediums I like to use Winsor & Newton Refined Linseed Oil


After the painting is dry to the touch,

I usually apply 1-2 coats of Weber Damar Varnish.