Classical Fine Arts Training
Private Instructions in my Studio


$400 - Monthly 3 Hour Studio Session

$600 - Monthly 5 Hour Studio Session

Private classes are now available in my new Baltimore Studio Home every Sunday!


Classes will usually consist of 1-3 people and private one on one instruction will be given to the individual student throughout the session. No initial skill level is required. 


Students first start by learning basic drawing techniques such as building form, shading, and understanding the concept of conveying a three dimensional object onto a two dimensional plane, Students start with rendering basic shapes and Bargue Studies, then advance towards cast studies from life, portrait studies, and finally figure studies.

Students will then advance towards working with colors first through monochromatic studies, limited palette, and finally a complete palette.


Students can advance through assignments at their own pace while being provided personal instructions as well as full length demonstrations throughout the courses. 

To register, please contact me at

or call: (650)-996-8616

Time: Sunday 1:00 P.M - 6:00 P.M 

Address: 1316 Eutaw Place, Apt 20, Baltimore, MD 21217