These are the first animations I have ever done completed in my Introduction to 2D Animation class taught by William Hartland in Maryland Institute College of Art over the course of one semester. 


From start to finish, I tackle, explore and improve upon my 2D Animation skills and creativity by taking on each basic assignments given to me and give it a unique twist of my own. I also strive to go above and beyond the criteria because I find that having a story within each piece no matter if it is practice or not is important because storytelling is one of the most important essense of the beauty of Animation. 
All the animations below were done drawing traditionally on lightbox.
It then edited and finalized using Adobe Flash CC and Adobe After Effects CC. 
"The Beginning" 
Bouncing Ball Exercise

(1st attempt at Animation) 
148 Frames 

Completed in 1 Hour.


Metamorphasis Exercise 

(2nd attempt at Animation) 

231 Frames

Completed in 3 Hours. 

"Swimming Pool"

Jello Cube Exercise 

(3rd Attempt at Animation)

67 Frames

Completed in 1 Hour.


Heavy Box Exercise 

(4th Attempt at Animation)

405 Frames 

Completed in 12 Hours. 

"The Battle" 

Emotional Flour Sack Exercise 

(5th Attempt at Animation)

365 Frames 

Completed in 8 Hours

"Nee and the Magic Hat" 

 Animation Final

1150 Frames

Completed in 3 weeks